Your Call to Adventure

Your Call to Adventure

5-day guided bikepacking trips across Europe

Munich to Lake Garda · 20 - 27th September 2023

Munich to Lake Garda · 20 - 27th September 2023

So, what is Outdo?

So, what is Outdo?

Once a year we come together from differents corners of the world to go on an epic bikepacking adventure.

Sometimes, we take others with us.

This year we will cross Europe's highest mountain range. 5 magical days of sweat, scenery, and meaningful conversations.

Route Overview

Daily Schedule

1,450 m

1,540 m

54 km

Day One

Depart from Munich, final gear check, and then we're underway. First stop, Imst.

1,520 m

910 m

66 km

Day Two

A tough climb to start the day followed by a speedy decent. Evening recharge in Nauders, Austria.

440 m

1,450 m

88 km

Day Three

Cruising into Italy! An easy but lengthy day. Yep, pizza and pasta for dinner it is

1,810 m

1,460 m

53 km

Day Four

The mother of all climbs to start the day. Breathtaking views of the Italian vineyards help to ease the quad burn.

1,170 m

1,500 m

59 km

Day Five

The final push to Garda. The first to touch the lake with their front gets a beer.

The Team

Marc Astbury

Daniel Mason

Marius Lux



Each trip costs €1,800 per person.

We arrange all accommodations, cycling routes, and evening meals. Equipment is not supplied but we will guide you through the items required.

Flight tickets to and from Munich are not included.

Previous Adventures

"I could never have imagined cycling across 4 countries and a mountain range in 5 days.

A true bucket list experience."

Gerard Lawson

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The Soundtrack

Munich to Lake Garda · 20 - 27th September 2023

Munich to Lake Garda · 20 - 27th September 2023

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© 2023 Outdo

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